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The History of the Syrian Christians in Bangalore started with the migration of Keralites, during the early phase of 20th Century, for livelihood and with economic and educational motives in mind. The numerical growth of Syrian Christians necessitated the need for a worshiping place since this community being a worshiping one. As a result of this, Syrian Christian worship started in Bangalore by 1936. However, during this period, the internal problems of the church in Malankara affected the regular worship in Bangalore. But after the unity of the two fractions of the Malankara church in the year 1958 paved way to the growth of the activities of the church in Bangalore. The whole situation has changed in 1975 when the clouds of conflicts erupted in the church for the second time by the Catholicose faction, declaring the independence from the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church. This major event in the history of the Malankara church opened an enthusiasm to both the factions to build their own empire, where even the Malankara Syrian Christians migrated and settled down.
The faithful who declared allegiance with the throne of Antioch (Universal Syrian Orthodox church under the Holy See of Antioch), came together prayerfully under one roof and formed St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church at Queens Road in Bangalore. The worship began in 1975 at Bangalore Lutheran Church where 200 members used to attend the worship. Rev. Fr. P.V. Paolose who hails from Kolancherry, Ernakulam, celebrated the first Holy Mass. Rev. Fr. George Jacob and Rev. Fr. K.M. Paulose was also served this parish as vicars till 1976. A new phase of the parish embarked on with the appointment of Rev. Fr. M.K. Thomas (Presently H.G. Thomas Mor Themothoes, Metropolitan) in 1976 June. The open outlook and deep commitment in Christian ministry, the young vicar, Rev. Fr. M. K. Thomas carried off the hearts of the faithful into a new spiritual and secular concept of life. The overall growth of this parish shaped by this time. At that time the Sunday worship had been changed from Lutheran Church to the United Theological College. Bangalore. To have a legal entity of this community, a trust named St.Mary’s Jacobite society was formed in the year 1978. Under the banner of JSO society, and with the help of various people in and around Bangalore, the community could avail a leased land from the Bangalore city corporation.

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